In our Wind Strategy classes, we will work on “untouchable evasiveness.” Our goal is to simply not be where our uke expects us to be, allowing us to capture their energy and turn it against them.

Class 01 – Straight Punches

Disappearing against a puncher.

Class 02 – Standing Arm Locks

Elbow and shoulder locks against a standing opponent – Musha Dori, Muso Dori, and Waki Gatame.

Class 03 – Sankakue Jime

Applying and escaping the Sankaku Jime “three sided choke.”

Class 04 – Sparring Application

Evasive positioning to smother your uke’s attacks.

Class 05 – Hooking Punches

“Fitting in” against a heavy hooking punch.

Class 06 – Oni Kudaki Series

Exploring the Oni Kudaki shoulder lock from standing and on the ground.

Class 07 – Full Nelson Defenses

Disappearing against a full nelson rear attack.

Class 08 – Sparring Application

“Ride the dragon” on the ground.

Class 09 – Kicking Evasion

Fitting in against various kicks – straight, turning, and hooking.

Class 10 – Guard Pass Series

Moving from the guard to the mount.

Class 11 – Standing Tackle Defenses

Setting your attacker up for a standing choke or controlling them to the ground.

Class 12 – Sparring Application

Evade and disarm your uke’s knife