In our Water Strategy classes, we work to use intelligent footwork and riming to escape our uke’s attacks while drawing them off balance.

Class 01 – Straight Attacks

Using our footwork, we want to retreat in a way that draws our uke off balance and frustrates them.

Class 02 – Wrist Locks

Introducing the fundamentals of twisting wrist locks – Hon Gyaku, Ura Gyaku, and Omote Gyaki

Class 03 – Hammerlock & Side Headlock

Escaping two common “school yard attacks”

Class 04 – Sparring Application

In our first Sparring Application class, we want to explore the evasive footwork of the water strategy.

Class 05 – Hooking Punches (Water Evasion)

Flowing out and crashing in evasive footwork against hooking punches.

Class 06 – Guard vs Striker

Water Evasion against a heavy striker in your gaurd.

Class 07 – Bear Hug Defenses

Escaping rear bear hugs, both over and under your arms.

Class 08 – Sparring Application

Use your evasive movements while on the ground to escape your attacker and regain a standing position.

Class 09 – Striking Series

Working our water evasion against a rapid fire attacker and heavy hitter.

Class 10 – Lapel Grab Escapes

Using our water positioning to capture our uke’s balance and evade their striking attempts.

Class 11 – Grappling Tie-Ups

Flowing with our uke’s energy to achieve a dominant position in a grappling tie-up.

Class 12 – Sparring Application

Applying our water evasion against a knife wielding attacker.

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