September 2022

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the dojo opening its doors. Let’s celebrate!

Fall Tai Kai

This year’s fall Tai Kai (Big Meeting) will be held on November 5th at the Boys & Girls Club of Hopkinsville.

We will be taking a deep look at surviving realistic knife attacks. This will be a humbling and scary experience, but well worth the time and effort.

Friday night, November 4th, we’ll have a small group training at Mr. Dusty’s private dojo looking at small joint manipulation and how it can be applied in a fight.

Just so we are 100% transparent – we are retiring the website and app. Instead, all the classes are being migrated to our base dojo app. I know, it’s confusing, but trust us – this is an upgrade. Apple has never allowed us to publish the app, but they did allow out main app. Juggling and maintaining multiple apps was a struggle. And the lesson software has gotten a major upgrade.

Check out the Online Training link in the app and we think you’ll agree it’s better.

New Dojo Shirts

Have you seen Mr. Dusty wearing the new Kanji shirt? What about the Established 2012 shirt? The Slap, Bump, Simulate Murder shirt? If not, you’re missing out.

You can grab them in the pro-shop of the app.