October 2021

It’s October!

You know what that means! Cooler weather, candy, and costume parties! That being said, If you do not have a uniform to keep you warm, let us know, so you can get one ordered.

Upcoming Events

  • Parents Night Out – October 29th, 6-9pm. Wear your Halloween costume, watch some movies, play some Halloween games, and go home with some candy. Parents who would like to donate candy for this month’s PNO, please drop it off with Ms. Billie.
  • EOSD Fall Gathering – October 16th, 10-1. Join us for our innaugural gathering. We’ll be looking at some advanced training concepts and spending some community time with students and sister schools from all over!
  • Coaches Meeting – November 6th, 10:30am. If you are an adult or teen student and are interested in learning the secrets of leading a class and teaching martial arts, join us for these monthly classes.

Training Gear & Supporting the Dojo

Just a quick note, if you’re looking for new gear – a bokken, a training knife, etc – make sure you check our digital pro-shop first. We probably already have it available for you. It also means you know you’re getting quality equipment and you’re helping the dojo out.

If you order your gear from anywhere else, we cannot stand behind its quality and if it is on our insurance company’s list of unapproved gear, we will have to tell you to return it. We work really hard to get you the best gear for a reasonable price, we’d hate for you to waste your money.

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