Martial Arts and Home Schooling

We have been a home school family for a little over a decade. We’ve taught martial arts for just as long. Over the years we’ve seen and heard a lot of listened to a lot of concerns from other home school parents that we know martial arts can solve.  I’d like to take a moment to address some of the most common situations that martial arts can solve for a home school family.

P.E. Class

Every student needs a certain amount of exercise in the curriculum.  Some parents simply go to the park and log that as P.E. Class.  Some do calisthenics.  Some count chores around the farm.  And some actually have a time scheduled for P.T. style workouts.  All of these are amazing options, but not every child will enjoy or benefit from those.  That is why we chose martial arts for our son – he’s been doing it since he was three.  Most martial arts classes have the following

  • Physical Warm Up
  • High Degree of Coordination
  • Stretching and Cool-Down
  • Skill based training
  • Fun Atmosphere

All of these things are going to help your child enjoy and benefit from the training.


Every student, home school or otherwise, will struggle with understanding the “real world” application of their day to day studies.  In our classes, we discuss many different academic topics and how they apply, not just kicking and punching.

  • Anatomy – How the body works and is affected by our art
  • Geometry – Striking and evasion angles for the best results
  • Physics – The interaction of bodies and physical forces
  • Psychology – Dealing with your emotions during a stressful situation
  • Civics – Helping our community through out thoughts deeds and action

The Dreaded “S” Word

Every parent is worried about their child’s social development.  Most home school parents will have to answer the question “But, how does your child get socialized if you home school?” in their lives.  Probably many, many times.  Our dojo is a community of students from all different walks of life and all having different places in the larger community.  We have preschoolers, we have high schoolers, we have factory workers, we have doctors, we have stay at home moms, we have retirees.  This is the perfect environment for a child to develop social skills and learn about the importance of community.  To that end, we have several systems in place that work on social skills.

  • Monthly Parents Night Out
  • Seasonal Community Potlucks
  • Summer Camps
  • Dojo Party Days
  • Rank based hierarchy

Parent Stress Levels

As a home school parent, you’ll find that you have to be everything.  You’re going to run into those day when you feel like the whole world is falling apart.  Your child wants to go to public school.  Your child doesn’t like the curriculum.  Your child is making you feel like a failure.  You just can’t seem to find the time to get everything done.

That’s where we come in.  As martial arts instructors we get to be “not your parents.”  What does that mean?  Well, here are a few examples of what that has meant in the past.

  • Behavior Correction – We get to be the bad guys who show what that kind of behavior leads to
  • Sympathetic Ear – for both the student and the parent
  • Tough Love – “I’m not here to play your games.  I’m here to teach you and make you a better person.”
  • Councilor – A neutral third party to listen and mediate
  • Babysitter – Get errands done during class
  • Mentor – Sometimes you just need an outside opinion.

As Custom as your School

Because martial arts is an individual journey, we customize it to every student.  Our dojo is here to improve the lives of its students, just like you want to improve the lives of your children.  We are just as invested in your child’s development as you are.