Martial Arts and a Balanced Life

There are many facets in our lives.

We spend a massive chunk of our lives at work. Whether at school or at the office, it takes time and effort to make a living. It’s unavoidable and in order to contribute to society we have to work.

There’s homelife, where we get our rest and spend quality time with our families and loved ones. Home lets us rest our hearts, replenish our souls, and escape from work.

Besides these, we also have to worry about our self-space, health, social interactions, and so much more that requires our attention. As humans, it’s up to us to find a balance. Luckily for us, martial arts gives us many of the tools we need to lead fulfilling lives.

It goes so much further than just health and fitness. Martial arts becomes a way of life – a collection of ideals, a philosophy, and principles that provide a blueprint for being a better person.

Here are just four things that martial arts helps us learn about balance.

Fitness isn’t just about the physical.

The physical benefits of martial arts training are obvious. Regular training won’t only get you fit, it will help you achieve the highest fitness level you’ve ever had. Its effectiveness in achieving this task is undeniable. Alongside these physical benefits, martial arts has mental and spiritual benefits as well.

Martial arts takes a holistic approach to health and wellness by stimulating the entire human condition. Training engages the whole body; it exercises the mind and nourishes the spirit. The challenges of training keep the mind constantly engaged.

Focus, mental clarity, sharpness, alertness, and problem solving skills are all addressed by the exercises of martial arts. Students become both goal and process oriented, understanding what it takes to accomplish tasks and the effects of milestones.

When you start training, you can expect to see rapid changes in your body. But you can also expect positive personal improvements as well. The benefits of martial arts training will reach every aspect of your life.

The soul must be nourished.

Understanding and communicating with your inner self is a key theme to martial arts training. Many of us have difficulty in knowing our true selves, what we are capable of , our motivations, who we are and who we want to be. Martial arts training allows us to internalize these ideas and discover our own identities.

A large portion of martial arts training is involved with clearing the mind of distraction. Training the body is nearly impossible if the mind and soul are not at peace. In fact, training is enhanced if you take a moment to clear the mind before beginning.

Martial arts teaches that to reap the physical benefits of training, we must also allow our souls to be nourished. This reaches beyond the mats and into our personal lives.

The abilities we are empowered with – self-defense skills, synchronicity between mind, body, and soul – we gain a responsibility to do the right thing regardless of the situation. This not only strengthens our resolve but also feeds the soul.

Balancing Work and Play

All to often, we find ourselves giving too much of ourselves to only one aspect of our lives, be it personal or professional. A balance between work and play to often proves to be extremely difficult to maintain. In martial arts, we are taught that balance is key to overall health.

We learn to listen to our inner needs and give all aspects of our lives attention. Which leads to striking a better balance between work and play. Success in the martial arts is both physical and mental. Hence, both are trained extensively and we carry this with us outside the dojo.

When we focus on making our bodies healthier, our mind follows. When your body becomes stronger, faster, and more able our minds become sharper, clearer, and more capable.

Improving as a whole person

Last but not least, martial arts helps us improve as a whole person. We strive to become “tatsujin ken” – a fully actualized human. It shows us what we can accomplish and much more.

When your whole being is in unison and everything just works, that’s when you will be able to reach your true potential and achieve more than you’ve ever dreamed. Martial arts has the ability to enhance every part of you.

Martial arts tries to teach so much more than the physical, martial arts tries to teach us knowledge passed down for generations. Humanity has been practicing martial arts for ages and its teachings are timeless.

Ask any martial artist and they’ll give you a list of benefits and ways that martial arts has changed their lives.

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