This class teaches so much more than "Punches & Kick."
It changes lives!

Kids become happier, more confident, more disciplined, and more full of life. That's the true gift of these classes, and we'd love to help your child too!

Here's what you get in every single class.

Fun Fitness!

Exercise is more important than ever for kids these days. After all, video games, iPhones, and more make it so easy for them to stay inside!
That's why, in every class, your child will get powerful exercise disguised as fun games and excitement.
To them, it's just a whole lot of fun. To you, it's the healthy workout they need.

Amazing Life Lessons. Improved Concentration, Behavior, & Confidence.

Our classes are infused with powerful lessons that really stick for life.
Kids learn about hard work, goal setting, discipline, focus, confidence, leadership, and more.
We hear stories all the time of kids who focus better in school and improve grades... improve behavior at home... and grow up to be happy, successful members of our community.
That's what it's all about.

Self-Defense & Safety.

Of course, no martial arts class is complete without self-defense. And your child will learn plenty of it!
We also teach bully-prevention, "stranger danger", and other important lessons to keep your child safe and sound.

Community & Friendship

Our classes are not about competition. Kids here don't want to be "better" than each other - instead, we teach them that we should all help each other get better and stronger.
The community here is very tight. New students are warmly welcomed and make friends right away. Shy kids come out of their shell.
It's a wonderful thing to see.

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