Cardio Kickboxing

is a cardiovascular workout that throws martial arts techniques in to the mix. Unsurprisingly, cardio-kickboxing is one of the most popular workouts across the country. It has many health benefits including improving heart function, kicking calories, and a total lower and upper body workout. It's high intensity nature means you'll burn upwards of 500 calories in 30 minutes. Plus, it is an amazing stress buster!

Why Choose Elements of Self Defense?

Our kickboxing classes are run by highly trained coaches, each with decades of training in either Taekwondo or Muay Thai - both arts recognized as world leaders in the striking arts. So you know the techniques are of the highest caliber.
We play music, but our classes aren't defined by the music. You won't fall behind or get confused because you're supposed to keep up with the beat of the songs. You get to perform at your level and next time try to beat it.
Our classes are divided into 5 distinct rounds with rests built in. Just like professional MMA or Boxing fights. If one round is kicking your butt, you know you have a break coming up to recenter and prepare for the next round.


In the first round we are getting you ready for the upcoming fight. We want to get the juices flowing and prepare your body for a high intensity workout.

Upper Body

Round 2 is filled with punching and elbows to build your upper body. You're building muscles while developing striking power and coordination.

Lower Body

Carve the legs of a champion by throwing kicks and knees at the heavy bags. Develop your balance and work your torso through the rotating action of kicking.

Combo Breaker

Blending the techniques from the previous rounds, the Combo Breaker round requires full body coordination and cardiovascular endurance to survive.

Core and Cooldown

The final challenge. This round is centered on your core. Build the abs and willpower you need to take on life's toughest challenges.