June 2021

Welcome to Summer Ninjas!
I know, Summer doesn’t technically start until June 20th, but I think most people judge it be school summer break.  So, welcome to summer!  We have a lot of fun planned for the whole summer.

Upcoming Events

* June Parents Night Out – June 11th 6-9pm
* Summer Fun Camp – June 21 – 25th
* Shuriken Competition – June 26th 10am

This month’s PNO will be Pirate Battles so everyone can get their swashbuckling on!

June’s Summer Camp is sold out! We can’t wait to see everyone that week.

This month’s Shuriken competition is our second of the year.  Registration closes June 16th.

Summer Uniforms

We know that temperatures are rising, so we want to make sure everyone is comfortable on the mats.  During the summer months, black shorts or leggings and black t-shirt are acceptable uniform choices.

That’s why we still have out Shorts Combo Sale going on!


Due to interest from outside the dojo, we are moving our Virtual Dojo to its own platform.  This will allow them to take advantage of our virtual dojo without having to interact with everything else we offer on our main page.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of it, let us know.  Current students can access the content without any extra fees.

You can find it here – https://eosd.tv
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