Getting Started with Virtual Training

As we move forward with our virtual training situation, the following steps will make getting started easier for everyone involved. Please read this post carefully and communicate any confusion with us so we can provide assistance.

What you will need.

You will need to have the following equipment and apps installed.

Once you have each of these, you’re ready to go.

Getting into the Classes

When it is time for your virtual training, open the MyStudio App and navigate to the Curriculum Section.

Click “Virtual Training” and then the class time you are attempting to join.

Join the Meeting

When you see the Join Meeting button, click it. It should then ask you to launch the Zoom app.

Once you allow it to launch the app, it will take you to the class lobby.

Click “Join with Video” and we’ll let you into the class.

Your Display

When you enter the class, this is what your display should look like. By clicking on Mr. Dusty’s display, it will be pinned to the front.

Notice the buttons at the bottom. These allow you to stop your video, view who else is in class (and chat), and give quick responses.

Other Participants

Clicking the Participants button allows you to see who else is in class. This isn’t very important, but it is how you get to the chat room.

At the bottom of the participants list you’ll see a Chats button. Click it to be able to type messages to Mr. Dusty and Ms. Billie.


During class, either Mr. Dusty or Ms. Billie will be in front of the camera. The other will be monitoring that chat.

If you have questions, please type them in here. Everyone’s mic will be muted so we aren’t all talking over each other.

Quick Responses

On the main display, you can click the “More” button to access the “Raise Hand” and “Thumbs Up” reactions.

This will be the best way for us to get feedback from you and know if you have a question.

And that’s it. Classes will be this way until we can re-open. We will still have classes all week. So, we’ll see you on the mats!