Fitness Classes

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Dragon Body Yoga

Our “Dragon Body” yoga is designed with your well-being in mind.  Each pose is scalable based on your personal experience level.

Our instructor has over 20 years experience and understands that Yoga is a long term commitment, not a short term fad.

Fitness Kickboxing

Supplementing our martial arts classes, Elements of Self Defense is home to special programs dedicated to honing the four key attributes of a fully-functioning martial artist: strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.

Our fitness kickboxing program is perfect for all levels from fitness beginner to seasoned martial artist, our classes combine punching and kicking combinations with a high intensity cardio workout. This class is appropriate for both youth and adults. Your first class is free, come check it out!

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Guided Meditation

In our guided meditation classes you will be lead through a meditation practice by one of our trained teachers.  This is an excellent introduction to meditation.  It is also useful for experienced meditators who want a new experience,