Fire Strategies

In our Fire Strategy classes, we work to use invasive foot work and timing to shut down our uke’s attacks before they are able to develop momentum.

Class 01 – Straight Attacks

Using our “Slip and Slap” invasive movement we close the distance on our uke while simultaneously displacing their attack.

Class 02 – Ground Sweeps

By invading our uke’s space, we can sweep them from the bottom of the guard to take the mount.

Class 03 – Hip Throw Series

Taking over the center and controlling our uke’s balance allows us to perform several variations on the Ganseki Nage hip throw.

Class 04 – Sparring Application

Using timing and invasive footwork, focus on shutting down your partner’s attacks before the build momentum.

Class 05 – O Soto Gake Series

Using timing and footwork to invade uke’s space and send their balance backward in this collection of rear throws.

Class 06 – Joint Locks from the guard

Being on the bottom doesn’t mean you have to be defensive. Set up your uke with a collection of locks from the guard.

Class 07 – Striking Bridges

Using timing and angling to “bridge” across uke’s strikes to deliver your own and capture their balance.

Class 08 – Sparring Application

Use your timing and positioning to set your uke up for a submission on the ground.

Class 09 – Fire Pressure

Changing up your strikes and targets to keep your uke on the defensive.

Class 10 – Ground Transitions

Moving from the bottom of the mount to the guard, from the bottom of side control to guard, and from the bottom to the top of side control.

Class 11 – Counter-Throwing

Three timings of countering your uke’s hip throw.

Class 12 – Sparring Application

Knife on Knife sparring. Cut without being cut.