Greetings Ninja!

Happy March Ninja Family!

Welcome to March, everyone.  We’re starting to build steam this year.  We’re so glad you’re in it with us!

Upcoming Events

Every month we try to have something going on in the dojo, and this month is no different.:

To sign up for any of these events, please talk to Ms. Billie or the workshops page in our online pro-shop:

Dojo App Update

We will no longer be using the MyStudio app for the dojo.  Instead, we will be rolling out a custom app between March and April.  We will let everyone know as soon as it goes live in the App Store and on Google Play.

Until then, please use the following link to access the dojo pro-shop.

Tuition and other purchases can be made through this link until the new app is released.

Because of this change, please contact us if you receive an email you do not think you should.

Shipping Delays

Unfortunately, our position in the US means that most of our orders have to come through Texas.  Since they are recovering from a historic weather event, many of our orders have been delayed.  They are either sitting in a texas shipping hub or they are waiting to be delivered to the same hubs.

Because of this, we are working with new people to diversify our shipping stream.  In the new pro-shop and the upcoming app, many of the products will be shipped directly to your home.  Hopefully, this will eliminate future delays.

Covid Waiver

Due to the continuing pandemic situation in the world, we continue to follow our covid procedures as outlined below.

Social Distancing
We still need to abide by social distancing protocols, but I think everyone is getting used to it by now.

In an effort to reduce exposure as much as possible, we will continue to have no audience in the lobby. 

Hand Sanitizer
Upon entering the dojo, students will be required to use hand sanitizer. Before leaving, students will be asked to re-sanitize. All pads and other gear will be sanitized between classes.

Please wash your dojo clothes and masks after each class.

New Waiver
We have an additional waiver required by our insurance. Please take a moment to read over it and submit it for our files. –

Loaner Gear
As part of our state-approved path to re-opening, we will no longer be able to host loaner equipment. This includes gloves and other padded gear. Every student will want to acquire their own padded equipment for randori before we re-open. Our pro-shop has all the required gear available in it. Please remember the gear in our pro-shop is selected to comply both with our insurance and sanitation requirements. –

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We’ll see you on the mats!
Mr Dusty & Ms Billie