Elemental Defense & Offense Part 2

“Can each element be taught offensively as well?

This is part two of our exploration of each element as an offensive tactic. Today we’ll be looking at the water element.

Water is generally viewed as a soft evasive element. Moving away from a threat to the exact right position to draw it out and unbalance your attacker. But how can moving away be offense?

I present to you white water rapids.

If you’ve ever fallen accidentally into a river, even one that wasn’t as dangerous as white water, you’ll know how scary it is to be swept away. The feeling of absolute loss of control because you cannot help but be swept down river.

Water’s offensive energy is in its ability to control its opponent’s balance. Capturing it and taking it wherever it wants. That could be as simple as forcing your opponent to fall to the ground or literally dashing him against something.

When water goes on the offense, it isn’t about delivering obvious attacks. This makes it deceptive in its approach. It pulls you in the direction of danger in such a way that you have no choice but to be swept into it.

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