Elemental Defense & Offense Part 1

“Can each element be taught offensively as well?”

A good friend asked me this question the other day. I had to think about it for a moment but I think I’ve come up with an adequate explanation for each element in response to his question. Let’s start with Earth.

In general, Earth is considered a stable and receiving element. It doesn’t exactly sound like a very offensive strategy for a fight, but I’d like to remind you of what a moving mountain is called…a rockslide.

As a stable, balanced elemental strategy, Earth doesn’t go on the offense very often, but when it does it does so in an unstoppable manner. Strikes, kicks, movements, balance taking are all performed in a manner that does not cause the Earth warrior to overextend or unbalance themselves.

Anyone unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of an Earth attack will be caught between being moved and being broken. Earth’s choice of strikes and targets are such that cause their target to break without having much inertia transferred to them – instead they will find themselves being buried in a meat grinder that forces they body to bend and contort from impact and collapse from the weight of the attacks.

Once a rock slide starts on the mountain, it only stops when it chooses. Trees, roads, cars, and people caught in its path are powerless to stop it and can only hope to move away from it to save their own skin.

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