Covid-19 Protocols

In compliance with the CDC and Kentucky guidelines, the following protocols are in place for any members of Elements of Self Defense.

1. Students should arrive dressed for class.

To limit the potential for spreading anything between students and locations, students should arrive dressed and ready for class.

2. Students will use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before class.

Students will also sanitize or wash their hands before leaving the dojo.

3. Do NOT pull your attendance card.

An instructor will pull your card and mark your attendance.

4. Register for your class time.

We are limiting our classes to 9 students. You must sign-up for your class time. Drop-ins will NOT be allowed.

5. No Spectators

In order to maximize our class size, no spectators will be allowed inside the dojo. Parents should drop off and pick up their children. Students will be admitted no more than 5-minutes before their class time.

6. Wash & Sterilize your clothes and gear after class.

Dojo equipment will be sterilized between classes

7. Masks are suggested.

The state of Kentucky does not require you to wear a mask.

8. Read and sign our Covid-19 Waiver

Before participating in class, every student/parent must read and submit our digital Covid-19 Waiver.

9. If you do not follow these protocols, EOSD reserves the right to ask anyone to leave.

These protocols are in place for the protection of all our students and instructors. We will not tolerate anyone who wilfully puts our facility and its members at risk.