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Elemental Defense & Offense Part 2

“Can each element be taught offensively as well? This is part two of our exploration of each element as an offensive tactic. Today we’ll be looking at the water element.

Elemental Defense & Offense Part 1

“Can each element be taught offensively as well?” A good friend asked me this question the other day. I had to think about it for a moment but I think

Getting Started with Virtual Training

As we move forward with our virtual training situation, the following steps will make getting started easier for everyone involved. Please read this post carefully and communicate any confusion with

Corona Virus Training

EoSD PARENTS AND STUDENTS Due to coronavirus concerns, we will be initiating a temporary new policy for the dojo. If you are bringing children to class, please arrive no more

5 Tips to Make the Most of Private Lessons

Any martial artist who regularly takes private lessons will tell you the immense benefits of doing so. Personally I think of regular private coaching is like professional development for your