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King Tut’s Tomb and Fancy Martial Arts

You’ve heard of King Tut, right? He’s one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs. When his tomb was originally discovered, it was one of the only tombs that hadn’t been

5 Tips to Make the Most of Private Lessons

Any martial artist who regularly takes private lessons will tell you the immense benefits of doing so. Personally I think of regular private coaching is like professional development for your

Memorization vs Expression

Recently I made a comment about Expression based martial arts vs memorization based martial arts on the fitness webpage Darebee.  I’ve been asked to expand on those comments. Memorize [mem–uh rahyz] to

Fight Club, School, or Dojo Part 1

In my near 20 years training in the martial arts, I can say that I have belonged to each of these.  Each serves a different purpose and each has it’s

How to Fold Your Do-Gi

There are many ways to fold your Do-Gi. Although there are people who just stuff their Do-Gi into a bag without ever folding it, I would suggest you learn at

Does your dojo have a curriculum?

Does your dojo have a set curriculum?  Or are lessons left up to whatever the instructor wants to cover? a curriculum (/kəˈrɪkjʉləm/; plural: curricula /kəˈrɪkjʉlə/ or curriculums) is broadly defined

Why do we wear the black uniforms?

When you think about a martial arts class, chances are you imagine a room full of people in bright white uniforms moving in unison, occasionally letting out a lout “Ky-Ap!”

Reasons vs Excuses

This week in class we are talking about Sei Kaku (Precision).  We’ve talked about precision in movement, precision in decision making, and last night we discussed precision in our choice

“Traditional” vs. “MMA” schools

Let me ask you a few questions.  What would you think if you had to sign up for three or four schools just to earn your high school diploma?  Does

Starting Meditation

What is Meditation? Meditation is simply the practice of learning how to pay attention.  It isn’t something magical.  It isn’t a cult or religion.  Meditation is a mental exercise to