Beginner’s Guide to EoSD

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We get a lot of beginners on our mats. We love answering everyone’s questions individually, but the time has come for a comprehensive beginner’s guide to help you with your first class and beyond.

Your First Class

You have now registered for a free class at Wave… no? Ok click on the button above and do it now. 🙂


For you first class you need to bring:

  • T-Shirt or rash guard. You need one of these even if you already have a gi.
  • Sweatpants, leggings, or shorts
  • Flip flops. If you don’t have flip flops, please wear some footwear when not on the mats and take off any footwear before getting on the mats.

Which class should I book?

Each of our three styles – Taijutsu, BJJ, and Muay Thai are perfect for beginners. Taijutsu and BJJ both have beginner specific class times to make getting started easier for you.

Beginner Taijutsu Classes are on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:00pm

Beginner BJJ classes are on Monday at 6:45pm and Saturday at 9:30am.

If you cannot make it to those time slots, our All-Belts classes are just as beneficial – the instructors and other students are happy to help you get started. They’ve all been where you are now.

What to expect from your first class.


We will help you through all the warm up movements which are challenging at the start and it always feels like a race (it isn’t).


The warm up will be followed by teaching 2-3 techniques, you will get the opportunity to train with multiple different partners who. The techniques seem complicated at the beginning and can be counter intuitive but everyone in that class has been through this and will be patient and helpful with you. We don’t expect you to get it in your first class.

Situational Variations

Once you’ve seen the fundamental approach to the techniques, you’ll get an opportunity to try some variations. These variations are either a change to the situation or a change to your training partner’s resistance level. These situations will give you a chance to explore the concepts behind the techniques and get a deeper understanding of why they work.

What else should I expect?

Don’t be a hero!

Remember, you can always tap out. Different ways of tapping in order of most effective include:

  • Double hand tap on your partner hard enough for them to feel it.
  • Shout “TAP!” not STOP or anything else.
  • Tapping the floor loudly if you can’t tap your partner.
  • Tapping with your feet if your hands are unavailable.

Remember, tapping is not losing. Tapping is letting your partner know their technique is working and keeps you both safe.

Running late?

No worries, we know life moves pretty fast and it’s easy to get behind during the drive. The instructor will get you up to speed.

Gis and Rash Guards

Members can buy gis at the dojo, send us an email, speak to your instructor, or order from the MyStudio app. Our dress code is black uniform, rash guard or t-shirt. 

 You can also order rash guards and gis right from this page – Training Uniforms


You can see all of our membership options by clicking the button below. We don’t believe in contracts, but we do need you to tell us if you need to take a break.

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Martial Arts is your hobby, you are in control of your classes. We are a very friendly dojo and you will be pushed but never forced. We do this for fun, most of us have day jobs and families. Come to EoSD and leave your problems at the door.