Our Beginner Taijutsu is designed to build a foundation for all your future training. The following 12 classes demonstrate the roles of Uke (attacker) and Tori (defender). You should practice both sides to develop proficiency in the skills presented.

Class 01 – Straight Punches

Straight punches include the Jab (lead hand) and Cross (rear hand). Class 01 teaches proper form when throwing straight punches and how to properly parry the same punches.

Class 02 – Mount & Guard Series

The foundation of our ground fighting. Class 02 demonstrates how to buck and roll from the bottom oft he mount as well as how to regain your feet from inside the guard.

Class 03 – Wrist Releases

Class 03 covers the fundamentals of releasing your wrists from the most common grabs. Included are one-handed grabs, mirror side grabs, cross side grabs, and two handed grabs.

Class 04 – Ukemi Rolls

Rolls are the foundation of safely going to the ground. Forward, backward, and sideways rolls are included in Class 04.

Class 05 – Hooking Punches

Class 05 covers the fundamentals of throwing good hooking punches, both high and low, as well as how to properly defend the same punches.

Class 06 – Double Leg Takedown

The double leg takedown is a straight forward and common method of taking your opponent to the ground. In Class 06 we discuss the differences between a skilled attacker and unskilled. We also go over the most common responses to the double leg takedown.

Class 07 – Body Grabs

Grabbing before striking is a common bad guy tactic. In class 07 we cover the fundamentals of recognizing the attack and safely responding to it.

Class 08 – Shrimping

Shrimping is a fundamental way of moving on the ground. Class 08 covers how to do it alone and how to use it to get out of the mount.

Class 09 – Kicking

Straight and Turning kicks. We build on the basic rising kick into more complex kicks and demonstrate our fundamental covers against the smae attacks.

Class 10 – Punch Block Series

Class 10 covers the fundamentals of controlling a striker when on the ground.

Class 11 – Rear Grabs

Chokes, collar grabs, shoves, and arm controls are all covered in Class 11.

Class 12 – Breakfalls

Breakfalls covers what to do when you cannot roll out of a fall or throw and instead have to simply absorb the fall.

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