Elements of Self Defense – Personal Protection for Everyone

Welcome! We are a modern Martial Arts school teaching a self-defense curriculum and one of only a few schools that teaches ninjutsu. In fact, we are the ONLY school in all of Kentucky that teaches under the guidance of Black Belt Hall of Fame Member Stephen K. Hayes!

Our goal is to assist you and everyone that joins our martial arts family to excel and become a successful person in life. That means being fitter, stronger and smarter. And we do this one kick and punch at a time. We make it fun and educational for your whole family!

Our instructors have each spent countless hours under various teachers across the United States to bring only the best to our mats.  They have trained under western ninja masters, muay thai world champions, bjj black belts, active duty and retired police and military instructors, and many niche teachers.  Martial arts is literally what makes Mr. Dusty and Ms. Billie tick.

Our instructors firmly believe that martial arts and personal protection is a right of every person.  To that end, they have volunteered with the Boys & Girls Club, taught at the Christian County Health Department, hosted classes with the Public Library, and even traveled across Kentucky to teach members of the Kentucky Department of Fish and WIldlife.

Every class is about learning new and exciting things about yourself and what you’re capable of, as well as some really AWESOME self-defense techniques that will help keep you safe, when needed. You’ll learn to explore your full potential, discover hidden skills you didn’t even know you had and be the best that you can be at all times.

Making lots of new friends, staying physically fit and having a strong body, mind and spirit are just a few of the reasons to join Elements of Self Defense.

The Benefits of Martial Arts Include…

  • Access to innovative mind science that allows you to expand your awareness and raise your consciousness
  • Careful and intelligent instruction for defending oneself against any kind of attack on the street by an attacker of any size with any weapon
  • Learning to use weapons such as hanbos (staffs), swords, shuriken (throwing stars) and other weapons from ordinary household materials… as well as how to defend oneself from them
  • Training in a safe, exciting, fun, inspiring and positive environment
  • Understanding the true ninja philosophy of “winning” and applying it throughout one’s life
  • An incredible amount of fun and adventure!

That may seem a little scary at first, especially if you’re new to martial arts, but don’t worry because we’ll make sure you have a buddy every step of the way. You’ll actually make a lot of NEW FRIENDS here. And they’re all very much like you – very helpful and ready to give you a high five whenever you accomplish something big or small.

Elements of Self Defense is not only FAMILY FRIENDLY, it’s also impeccably CLEAN and SAFE. Your safety is first and foremost here. So is focusing on your fitness goals. But the BEST part about class is that you’ll have more FUN than you can stand! You’ll talk about it all the time and you won’t be able to wait for the next class!

Develop a Strong Mind. Our awesome instructors teach your kids how to become more focused and disciplined. Martial Arts are about self-control – both on and off the mat. Having those good qualities at a young age will prepare you to meet and overcome real life challenges.

Martial Arts is a great way to deal with the STRESS of daily life…and even kids have their own kind of stress. I’m sure you know all about that. Kicking, punching, grappling and throws all help to fight the harmful effects of stress and keep you in GREAT SHAPE. It also helps improve balance and coordination. All good stuff!

But Can I Really Do This? Yes, You Absolutely Can! Everybody wonders about that or they ask if some kind of experience is necessary to join our Martial Arts school. The short answer is no experience of any kind is required to start taking lessons and improving your overall health and fitness, whether 4 or 84.

The only thing you need to get started is to have some curiosity, an open mind and the desire to learn. So come join our martial arts family and let’s do this together!

You’ll see after only one class how our school offers everyone the opportunity to be themselves, learn quickly and excel at a much faster pace than any other school around. You will walk out of your first class having learned a technique that you can immediately use to defend yourself.

We can’t wait to empower you and see how fast you excel and become a winner with us!