July 26th-31st

Beginner Taijutsu – Week 4 Shuriken Throwing Advanced Taijutsu – Week 28 Evasive Sparring Beginner BJJ – Week 28 Underhook Takedown to Kimura Kenjutsu Gekiken… Read More »July 26th-31st

July 12-18th

Beginner Taijutsu – Week 2 Buck & Roll from Mount, Guard Breaks Advanced Taijutsu – Week 26 Standing Arm Locks – Musha Dori, Muso Dori,… Read More »July 12-18th

July 5th-11th

No Class We will have no classes this week. You can get your dojo fix on your youtube channel or at

July 2021

It’s finally July! That means the year is officially half over. Hopefully, you’ve been having a great 2021, we know we have. Upcoming Events No… Read More »July 2021

June 28th – July 3rd

Week 25 Beginner Taijutsu Straight Punches & Covers Advanced Taijutsu Straight Punch Slipping Beginner BJJ X-Takedown to Armbars Kenjutsu Shi Ho Keri

June 2021

Welcome to Summer Ninjas!I know, Summer doesn’t technically start until June 20th, but I think most people judge it be school summer break.  So, welcome… Read More »June 2021