Kid Ninja

In our Kid Ninja class, children have fun while gaining confidence, body awareness, and basic self-defense skills. Along the way, these students "learn how to learn" by developing group interaction skill, self-discipline, focus and respect for others. Through an abundance of praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement, Kid Ninjas are taught avoidance skills in a safe, fun, non-competitive and high energy environment!

Developing Confidence, Character, and self discipline for ages 3-7.


Youth Martial Arts

Children today need to feel more secure in the world, and also learn that they are ultimately responsible for creating that security for themselves and others. To learn this big life lesson, they must learn to keep going through things that would hold them back. To-Shin Do martial arts training is all about perseverance – intelligence and commitment combined. We transform young lives by teaching children to avoid negative forces while developing their strengths – creating leaders and peacemakers dedicated to using their training to benefit the community.

Action based personal development and self-defense training for ages 7-12


Teen & Adult Martial Arts

The classes at Elements of Self Defense follow the To-Shin Do training curriculum. The To-Shin Do Self Defense method uses superior position, structure and leverage to defeat conventional strength and size. When properly used together, gravity and bone alignment generate tremendous force. This means that To-Shin Do will work for people of all sizes and body types. Our lessons are always practiced in a positive, inclusive and encouraging atmosphere. Our goal is not to defeat competitors, but to develop the protector skills and knowledge to establish peace and safety.


First Responder Special

At Elements of Self Defense, we know that personal protection is not one size fits all. As a first responder, you will be put into situations a civilian is unlikely to face as well as a higher level of scrutiny after the fact. In appreciation for everything you do as a first responder, we want to help you be equipped with the best tools available at a reasonable price.

Self Defense for the professional responder, not the professional fighter.



Samurai & Ninja Lineages


Square Feet of Mats


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