Adult Programs

To-Shin Do

Intelligent Self Defense for the 21st Century.

The classes at Elements of Self Defense follow the To-Shin Do training curriculum.

The To-Shin Do Self Defense method uses superior position, structure and leverage to defeat conventional strength and size.

When properly used together, gravity and bone alignment generate tremendous force.  This means that To-Shin Do will work for people of all sizes and body types.

Our lessons are always practiced in a positive, inclusive and encouraging atmosphere.  Our goal is not to defeat competitors, but to develop the protector skills and knowledge to establish peace and safety.

Women's Self Defense

Our Women's Self Defense training isn't just a watered down version of the "regular" class, like you might see at some other martial arts schools.

This training directly applies the To-Shin Do defensive principles to situations unique to women.  We aim to identify the problems earlier and develop the skills to avoid undesired encounters long before the become physical.

Classical Taijutsu

Traditional Unarmed and Weapon Training from the Ninja and Samurai of Japan.

With over 900 years of tradition, the Ninja and Samurai fighting arts of Japan have a lot to offer!  At Elements of Self Defense, in addition to our modern self-defense training, we take a look back at the roots of Ninjutsu.

By practicing with the sword, staff, chain and throwing blades, we develop coordination, expand our awareness of distance and timing, and gain a profound respect for those who lived in a time where this training was essential to their survival against an overwhelmingly powerful opposing force.