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Looking for a life-changing, fitness-boosting class for your child? Look no further! Our kids martial arts classes are loved by the community! Click here to find our why.
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Adult Martial Arts

The adult martial arts program everyone is talking about. That's because the classes are fun, focused, and full of great exercises to get you fit. Click to learn more and get started today!
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Cardio Kickboxing

Need a workout that is high energy and keeps you on your toes while working your whole body and burning up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes? We've got you covered. Click to learn more and sign up.
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About Us..

Welcome to Elements of Self Defense - Hopkinsville's only authentic Ninja martial arts dojo. Our martial art is based on ancient warrior disciplines handed down by nine historical Japanese samurai and ninja family lineages. At the same time, ours is a modern approach to handling threats and confrontations likely in our own culture today. Ninja Taijutsu martial arts training was developed as a way to promote peace, security, and well-being in the world – command over adversity – never as a way to practice violence. The world needs more protectors, not more predators. In an over-stressed society, balancing a clear mind, fit body, and centered spirit is the pathway to becoming a tatsujin – a fully actualized person operating masterfully in all areas of life.